Great Debate: Kylie Lip Kit vs ColourPop

Round 1- Color


ColourPop Matte Liquid Lipstick in Silhouette 

Kylie Lip Kit Matte Liquod Lipstick in Mary Jo K

I’m going to have to give this one to ColourPop. They are both beautiful rich blue-reds, but Silhouette is a little more rich and consistent.

Round 2- Staying Power 

I poured water over both swatches on my arm and both lipsticks stayed in place. When I began to scrub, and scrub hard, ColourPop came off while the Kylie Lip Kit stayed strong. 

Round 3- Wear 

The Lip Kit smells strongly of vanilla and still smells great on your lips. ColouPop’s smells kind of like a highlighter pen.

Kylie’s lip kit started to ball up and get gross after an hour. ColourPop’s wore off a little after a few drinks but didn’t get crusty.


Both lipsticks are pretty amazing and are so gorgeous. Though the Kylie lip kit stays on longer and smells great, ColourPop has a pretty pigmented color and doesn’t get crusty. All together, Silhouette is a great dupe for Mary Jo K if you aren’t quick enough to buy before Kylie sells out or if $8 sounds better than $29. 


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