Instagram Makeup For The Basic Bitch In You

So we all can come to the consensus that instagram “baddies” looks are horrible and amazing at the same time right? Okay. Like we all want to achieve that perfect brow and wing but would rather not look like we could peel off our makeup with a chisel. 

For those of you that would like to achieve an insta-ready makeup look that’ll hopefully not clog your pores to hell too much, welcome!

Here’s the list of what I do from start to finish after years slaving over YouTube tutorials.

1. If you shower before you put on 84 lbs of makeup, splash cold water on your face when you get out. It’ll close up your pores. The steam has them all open and at attention.

2. Moisturizer 

Even if you have oily skin, still get a good moisturizer. Use the tiniest bit, especially if you plan on baking. If not, your mattifying primer will cling to any type of dry spot you’ve got, followed by your foundation. 


3. Prime 

This is my SHIT

Benefit’s Porefessional solves all your problems, cleans your apartment, does your laundry, she’s your bitch. It mattifies your face while also blurring your pores. It doesn’t stick to dry patches and actually keeps you matte. It doesn’t lie to you. 

Get a sample for just $12

Now I may lose some of you on this part, but I promise it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Get you a good translucent loose powder and use it as a primer. If you have dry skin, don’t do this. But if you want a concrete ass face, this is for you. 

$12.00 and I promise it won’t give you a white cast in yo pics.

4. Foundation 

If you want something extra full coverage and matte, Estée Lauder double wear and Marc Jacobs re(marc)able are both incredible. 

$40. I’m in the shade Dusk

$55. I’m in the shade 32 beige light. 

If you don’t want full coverage and just care about a flawless look that’ll photograph well, my girl Make Up For Ever got you. 


5. Brows

I promise you this will be the best thing you’ve ever bought. It’s fine enough to create natural brows but also pigmented enough to go dramatic.

$21. I’m in the color ebony 

6. Eyeshadow 

I’m not that specific  when it comes to eyeshadow. If it’s pretty and easy to blend, then it’s good in my book. My favorite at the moment is the Morphe 35O palette. Yes I’m on the Morphe train but just for their eyeshadow okay shut up. 


7. Eyeliner 

I always use liquid eyeliner when I’m feeling a look like this one. I can’t get away from it. My favorite right now is by Revlon.


8. Mascara 

I switch up my mascara constantly. Right now I’ve gone back to my ride or die, my L’Oreal voluminous.


9. Concealer 

Tarte’s Shape Tape is just as amazing as everyone says I promise you. It’s creamy and full coverage and smells like baby powder kind of. I’m in Light Neutral.


10. Baking 

I use the RCMA for baking as well. It’s by far the best I’ve ever used. It isn’t cakey and doesn’t give me that awful white caste. I use it under my eyes and to sharpen my contour. I also don’t cream contour. I have yet to find a cream contour that doesn’t turn out muddy. 

11. Bronzer 

I do not see myself using any other bronzer than the medium Chocolate Soleil bronzer by Too Faced. It smells like actual cocoa powder but doesn’t make your face smell like a Snickers and it is such a natural finish. 


12. Highlight 

I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on highlighters. I just can’t do it. If I ever do though, it’ll probably be on Jaclyn Hill’s champagne pop with Becca. Right now I’m addicted to Colourpop’s highlighters. Apply with your finger and then smooth it out with a brush. 


13. Lips 

I go back and forth between MAC lipsticks and Kylie’s liquid mattes, but for this look I went with MAC liner in Cork accompanied with MAC whirl (my favorite lipstick on Earth). 



14. Blush

I forgot blush lolol.

My go to is soft mink by cover girl or any Colourpop blush. 


15. Falsies 

On the occasion that I do wear falsies, I go for Ardell lashes in Wispies or Demi Wispies or Make Up For Ever Lashes with tinted lash glue bc no one likes white flakes on their lashes. 


So there you have it. $250 face. And if that doesn’t make your stomach churn, I don’t know what will.

Of course I spend the money I can on the things I love. I enjoy makeup and the artistry it truly is. Don’t ever measure your worth on how much your highlighter costs. And don’t ever be afraid to leave the house without a drop on. Don’t ever tell yourself you are only beautiful if you have certain products on. I hope you guys enjoyed my post.



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