Makeup Habits You Should Break

1. Putting concealer on first 

I used to think this was the right way to do it too, but it is a waste. When you put foundation on top of it, it all just slides around and makes you add more on top of that. Try color correcters underneath your foundation, then foundation, then concealer. 

2. Not using a primer

If you have oily skin, mattifying primers are a must. Also, try a makeup setting spray as a primer or transulsent powder. It is AMAZING. If you have dry/combo skin, use a perfecting primer to give your foundation something to stick to and keep you from becoming blotchy. 

3. Completely filling in your eyebrows

Draw the lines outlining the brow, lightly. Then BRUSH the color through the brow and lightly color through it with light strokes. No one wants painted on brows. Don’t listen to instagram.

4. Not bringing foundation/bronzer down your neck 

When you do your foundation, bring it down your neck too. Same with bronzer and powder. If you don’t, you’ll have a nice line going around your jawline like a mask.

5. Lining your lips after your lipstick

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this looks really nice. But most of the time it’s much better to like your lips first, then apply your lipstick. Also, fill in your lips with the liner. If not, liners are more potent than lipsticks, when the lipstick wears off you’ll have a big thick ring around your lips where your liner is staying strong.


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