From Black to Red/Burgundy Hair

I have hair that has been through it all. I’ve been blonde, honey blonde, black, blue-black, you get the idea. I really wanted to change it up but without going too out-there. Now being in the job market after graduating back in May, I didn’t want to hurt my chances in interviews with crazy hair.

Background info:

Please note my hair had been dyed black about two weeks prior to this, so I left the dye on for a while and used 30 vol developer instead of 20. I am not condoning dying your hair this much, I am just trying to let everyone know so they don’t leave it on too long or use to strong of a developer. I have naturally extremely dark hair, so if you have light brown-to blonde hair, this is definitely not for you. Also make sure your hair is dirty when you do this. It is also best to treat dirty hair.


I went to my local Sally’s and proceeded to stare at the little sample hair colors for over an hour. I finally decided on Loreal Hi Color for Dark Hair in the color Black Plum. I also bought a brush, small deep coloring bowl, and Clairol 30 vol developer.

Step 1:

I used some cheap plastic gloves I already had (because I’m a psychopath) when mixing and dying. Trust me, you NEED some gloves. There was red everywhere. I mixed the appropriate amount needed of developer that you can find in the directions on the color box with the entire tube of color. I mixed them until it was a solid red. The color in the bowl is not the color your hair is going to be, I promise. It looks bright pink/red, but it will come out completely different.

Step 2:

I separated my hair into pieces from bottom to top. Never start at the top of your head on your roots when dying. There is bleach in this product and the heat off of your head develops it much, much faster than on the ends of your hair. Definitely cover your bathroom/kitchen/where ever with towels or newspaper. The red can splatter everywhere. Also have a wet cloth handy to wipe it off your skin, it will get on your skin, before it dries and stains you.

Step 3:

After I finished, I wrapped my hair up in an old hair band and sat around with a towel wrapped around my shoulders in order to not stain myself or anything else. I left it on for about 45 minutes.

Step 4:

I jumped in the shower to clean it out. I kept washing until the water finally ran clear and proceeded to cleanse it with some conditioner.

Voila! The color was absolutely gorgeous and has me wanting to go a step further and go a shade brighter. In all, it cost me about $25. I used one tube of color for my hair, and another tube for my extensions. I use Bellami Bellissima hair extensions in Off Black. They didn’t take to the dye as well as my hair did, but they still show up red in the sunlight.

Screenshot (4)


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